I Have Teeth That Are Very Sensitive to Cold. What Can Be Done?

In most instances, tooth sensitivity is the result of receding gums.
Receding gums is the loss of gum tissue leading to the exposure of the roots of the teeth. The roots of the teeth have a darker, yellow colour that you can see near the gumline. These exposed roots can become very sensitive to hot and cold or sweet and sour foods. The root surfaces are also softer and can easily be worn-down when brushing leading to the formation of a notch in the tooth.

There are several causes of receding gums, the most common being inadequate brushing and flossing which allows bacteria to build up along the gumline. Another common cause is over-aggressive tooth brushing by scrubbing the sides of the teeth in a front-to back motion. Usually, when the gum tissue is lost, it will not normally grow back on its own.

There are several options for treating sensitive teeth resulting from receding gums. In mild cases, the use of a toothpaste for sensitive teeth such as Sensodyne may help. In situations where a notch has formed in the tooth, tooth-coloured bonding material can be applied by a dentist Thornhill to the exposed root surfaces to replace the worn-away tooth structure and protect the teeth from further wear. And finally, depending on the type of recession, some cases may be a candidate for gum regeneration by a gum grafting procedure.